Legal Music Downloads
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Legal Music Downloading FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about downloading music.

FAQ #1 - If I pay for songs and download them, am I allowed to share them with other people?

Answer: No. Buying a song from a download service gives you the right to use that song yourself, but it is still copyrighted and protected by law. These songs should not be shared with others who have not paid for them.

FAQ #2 - Do music subscriptions services allow me to share my music?

Answer: Only to a certain degree. Some music subscription services, such as Napster, allow you to create playlists and share them with other people, including non-subscribers. It does not, however, give you the right to transfer your downloaded songs to other people's computers or portable players.

On another note, though, you are allowed to use your subscription music on more than one portable player, which means you can share your music with a member of your household.

This doesn’t, however, give you the right to share your downloaded music with people outside of your immediate household, and this does not apply to MP3 files that have been downloaded by purchasing them or through an MP3 subscription service such as eMusic. These MP3 files are yours to use yourself, but not to share or distribute.

FAQ #3 - How much do music subscriptions cost?

Answer: The cost depends on which service you subscribe to.

eMusic has several different levels of membership, with their Lite plan starting at $6.49 per month for 12 tracks and their basic plan at priced at $11.99 per month for 24 downloads every 30 days. Plans go upward from there, with their highest level of membership, eMusic Connoisseur, at $30.99 for 75 songs every 30 days. They also have some plans in between those listed here.

Superpass memberships cost $14.99 per month. This gives you 10 free MP3 downloads, a Free Game download and unlimited listening to thousands of online radio stations… 90 of which are 100% free of commercials. Superpass also gives you unlimited viewing of online, full TV show episodes and full-length movies.

Napster offers a flat $5 per month subscription plan, which gives you unlimited listening to their entire library, as well as 5 free MP3 downloads each month. Paying $15 ahead for three months will give you 15 free MP3 downloads instantly.