eMusic Adds 250,000 Songs

eMusic recently added over 250,000 new songs to their download library!

After spending months in negotiations with record companies, a final agreement was finally reached and a quarter of  a million songs were added in one shot.

In addition to adding new music, eMusic has also recently changed their pricing structure.

Instead of giving users a set number of downloads per month for their subscription fee, each user is now assigned a specific dollar amount and pulls from that pool of dollars for each song or album that is downloaded.

This was a necessary change due to the fact that songs are no longer downloaded based on points per song. Some songs are $.49 each, while others might be $.79 each. Because of the price variations, the old point system would no longer work.

With this new influx of music, eMusic has taken one more step toward being a major player in the music download industry.

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Downloading Music From Past Years

Over the past year or so I have really learned to appreciate legal music download services when it comes to finding music from past years, and even past decades.

Instead of having to run to the store, or from store to store, to find an older CD, all I have to do is login to one of my music subscription memberships and do a quick search for the artist or album I’m looking for. Usually I can find what I’m looking for within a minute or two and have it downloaded to my hard drive so I can enjoy listening to it.

And of course, once it makes it to my hard drive, it also gets transferred to my portable player, my Android phone or both. This way I can take full advantage of the downloads and listen to this new/old music wherever and whenever I want.

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Music Downloads for MP3 Players

A lot of people tend to get confused when it comes to what kind of music to download for their MP3 players.

iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic… and the list goes on. So which one is suitable for you?

That actually depends on what your goal is. Do you plan on downloading and listening to a lot of music, or do you just have a few artists that you listen to over and over again.

If you choose the latter option, with just a few artists, you could easily get by just fine with a subscription to eMusic. eMusic gives you a set number of downloads each month for one flat subscription fee. The songs you download are yours to keep.

The other option is to sign up for Superpass and get 10 free MP3 downloads each month, as well as access to the 9 million song library of Rhapsody.

If you only want a few songs every once in a while you could probably just buy them individually and pay per song. This is the most expensive option if you download more than a few songs per month, but it does suit the casual listener.

Those are a few of your options. We’ll talk about this more in depth a bit later on.

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