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A Little More About Us

We are not a large corporation. We are regular, everyday people who happen to have a passion for music. We have music playing constantly... at home, in the office, in the car. Like we said... everywhere!

It is this passion for music that caused us to search out and find a way to get more music for our money. That searching lead us to find the three music services reviewed here :-)

Because we know that hundreds of thousands of other people are also looking for great music services at great prices, we decided to tell others about these music services. It's actually kind of funny, because we find ourselves telling people about them everywhere we go, not just here online!

One of the biggest deciding factors for us was the fact that we could get so much music for so little money. And we all know how tough times are right now, so saving money was a key deciding factor in our case.

The second biggest deciding factor was the fact that we could get all of this music 100% legally, without using any of the scammy file-sharing, downloading programs that are all over the internet.

So that's a little about us and our site. We hope that the information we've given you has helped you make an informed decision. And we hope that you'll enjoy your new music service membership.

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